February 15, 2000 Somerset DoubleTree
Risk Analysis

PDP Information:
Program Number: C020-15022000
Program Title: "Risk Analysis"
PDUs: 1.5
Category Type: 3
Subject Areas
Knowledge: 8
Process: 2, 3, 4
Activity Sponsor: NJ/PMI Chapter
Michael Curran - Decision Sciences Corp 

This meeting was a joint meeting of the New Jersey Chapter of PMI and AACE (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering). 

Michael Curran is president and CEO of Decision Sciences Corp., a St. Louis-based consulting firm that he founded in 1968. He is a contributing author of the Handbook of Budgeting as well as Effective Project Management Through Applied Cost and Schedule Control and is the editor of the AACE International's Professional Practice Guide to Risk. He is the developer of Range Estimating and Bracket Budgeting and the co-developer of the Risk Established Value (REVSM) method for making decisions in high-risk, high-profile areas. Mr. Curran is active in AACE as a member, Chair of the Decision & Risk Management Committee, and a member of AACE's Editorial Advisory Committee. 

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