February 20, 2001, L'Affaire
Assessing PM Potential: NASA's Project Mirror

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Program Number: C020-20022001
Program Title: "Assessing PM Potential: NASA's Project Mirror"
PDUs: 1.5
Category Type: 3
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Knowledge: 10
Process: 06
Activity Sponsor: NJ/PMI Chapter
Larry Suda, President of Management Worlds, Inc. 

Research proves that effective, competent project managers are a critical factor in the success of any project endeavor.  The NASA Academy of Program and Project Leadership recently designed Project Mirror, a third generation assessment and development center.  Project Mirror is a new way of thinking about developing NASA senior level project managers.  Project Mirror is designed to measure and assess project management competence on many different levels, through a series of experiential activities coupled with robust feedback instruments.  Mr. Suda elaborated on his experience with Project Mirror and provided insight into this new way of thinking in developing project managers. 

Larry Suda is the President of Management Worlds, Inc, a training , development and consulting firm established in 1987.  Larry has worked extensively with NASA's project management planning and training initiatives since 1994 and is currently guiding the start-up and operational deployment of the agency's professional/career development and project manager assessment center in Washington, DC. 

This was a joint meeting with the American Association of Cost Engineers International (AACE). 

Larry's view graphs can be downloaded.

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