Exponential Project Management - PMBOK and Beyond!
Sunday Seminar May 4, 2008
Pines Manor - Edison, NJ



The eXtreme Project Management Workshop:
Your Essential Tool Kit

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Program Title: "The eXtreme Project Management Workshop:
Your Essential Tool Kit " 
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The eXtreme Project Management Workshop:
Your Essential Tool Kit
Doug DeCarlo 
The Doug DeCarlo Group
No sooner do you say “plan” when something else has changed.  Extreme projects are characterized by high-speed, high-unpredictability and high-stress. They defy the prescriptive practices of traditional project management that work well on waterfall-like projects, but only serve to inhibit creativity and adaptability when applied to high-change projects.

But now, there are agile and flexible project management frameworks proven to work… frameworks that enable project stakeholders to stay in control and deliver value despite volatility.  These approaches result in quick ramp-up, enable adaptation to sudden opportunities and risks, and reduce time-to-profit.

The eXtreme Project Management Infrastructure:

  • The Newtonian vs. The Quantum Mindset
  • The 4 Accelerators
  • The 10 Shared Values
  • Applying The Flexible Project Model – Components and Tools:
  • Visionate
  • Speculate
  • Innovate
  • Re-evaluate
  • Disseminate
  •  Focus primarily on the Visionate and Speculate Cycles while reviewing the other three components at a high level.


  • Know when to apply the principles of eXtreme Project Management and when to use a traditional project management approach
  • Learn the eXtreme Project Management Infrastructure ? Core Leadership Practices
  • Understand the 5 components of the iterative Flexible Project Model
  • Learn how to create a 3-Sentence Project Skinny to describe the project ? align stakeholders
  • Learn how to do identify Project Imperatives
  • Understand the importance of scenario planning
  • Learn how to set up a Project Uncertainty Profile
  • Know how to use the 7 Win Conditions to establish project metrics ? track results
  • Be able to identify a development life cycle that is compatible with the project's business objectives
  • Time: 4.0 hours (4 PDUs) of dedicated time, plus two 15 minute breaks.

    Doug DeCarlo
    Author of 
    eXtreme Project Management
    For the last 17 years Doug has lived in the trenches with over 250 project teams from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to Beijing, China. He now works with managers who undertake projects under what he calls “eXtreme conditions:”  Those settings that are characterized by high speed, high change, high unpredictability and high stress.

    Doug’s work and his writings have earned him international recognition as a motivational speaker, workshop leader, consultant and columnist.  He has served as a member of the Project Management Advisory Group of George Washington University as well as on the Project Management Committee of the Drug Information Association.

    Beyond his own practice, Doug is a Senior Consultant in the Agile Project Management Practice for the Cutter Consortium where he has been named Consultant of the month.  He also heads the Extreme Project Management department for gantthead.com and has served on the advisory boards of Project Connections.com and ProjectWorld.

    Doug is the featured contributor to the book, The World Class Project Manager: A Professional Development Guide.  And, he is the author of the widely acclaimed, landmark book entitled: eXtreme Project Management: Using Leadership, Principles and Tools to Deliver Value in the Face of Volatility.

    Registration: 11:00
    Start: 12:00
    Break: 1:15
    Break: 3:00
    End: 4:30 (4 PDUs)

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