6th International Project Management Day Seminar
Palace at Somerset
4 Nov 10




For the 6th consecutive year, the PMINJ celebrated the International Project Management Day at the beautiful Somerset Palace Park, on November 4, 2010 with a roaring success and was well attended by over 500 project management practitioners.

International Project Management (IPM) Day Seminar provides area project managers an opportunity to network and collaborate, and together, reflect and re-energize with a healthy exchange of ideas on the topic of the day. Dynamic and knowledgeable speakers discussed issues related to International Project Management. 

The day was started with an opening statement by Chapter President John Bufe followed by a welcome address to all guests and speakers by Deven Trivedi, VP Symposium of the PMINJ.

The keynote speaker, Lothar Katz, PMP, set the tone for a very upbeat and positive day. Lothar Katz spoke on the “Secrets of Successful International Project Leaders”. In a high-energy, interactive session reveals powerful practices and methods that can turn International Project Managers into effective global leaders. The presentation explored leadership strategies, best practices, and effective tools for global project leaders in areas such as high-impact communication across cultural and other barriers, foreign stakeholder management, project team leadership, and change management. Lothar’s key message was for International Project Managers to “become comfortable with being uncomfortable”, to successfully adapt to changes in the international market place.

Brandi Moore, The second speaker in the morning session, aptly followed this with a specific focus on the emerging global powers with her talk on “A Road Map for the International Project Manager: Cultural Strategies for the BRIC Countries”. As a successful business owner with personal experience working in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries, Brandi shared some valuable insights on the need and techniques for Project Managers, to adapt to and meet the demands of the increasingly global workplace caused by off-shoring and outsourcing. Brandi explained why the BRIC matters to the PM today, where we came for cheap labour, and stayed on for potential customers, and each PM is a “Desk Diplomat” with globalization right at your desk. With special emphasis on the BRIC, Brandi provided some very engaging tips, using her own copyrighted process – AIM (Assess, Identify, Mediate) - that introduces Project Managers to a framework for working across different cultures.

The third speaker of the day, Kevin R. Wegryn, PMP, CPM, MA spoke about “Managing without Walls”. Kevin shared his experiences and tips for managing virtual teams, and emphasized that a project manager needs to understand many aspects of project management to be effective, but three key elements are e-mail, conference calls and phone calls. In addition to the pros and cons of the current day tools such as IM, web conferencing, and social networks for effective global teams, Kevin introduced an interesting twist with the need to consider generation issues and communications preferences between traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X and Generation Y or millennial groups – since with the rise in the retirement age, this overlap of multiple generations is very real In the current global economy.

The afternoon session was a dynamic workshop, presented by vibrant speaker, Tom Kennedy, on “Great Presentation, or Death by PowerPoint…Your Choice”. Tom’s message during this interactive workshop was that project management is about leadership, and leadership is getting people to want to follow. Leadership is a communication skill and virtually all business leaders agree that communication skill is a key to success, and most say it is the key, to personal, career, project and business success. Tom used video presentations and discussion with the audience to convey his message that emphasized the need to prepare for any communication in advance, know what you want to achieve, start with the intended message and summary, focus on the audience, and audience alone, and never rush through the meeting.

The session ended with closing remarks by Jerry Flach, Director of Symposium, PMINJ. Jerry concluded the day thanking speakers, attendees and 50 volunteers who helped made this IPM Day event a huge success.

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Opening Keynote:
     Lothar Katz, PMP
Secrets of Successful International Project Leaders
Session 1:
     Brandi Moore
A Road Map for the International Project Manager: 
Cultural Strategies for the BRIC Countries
Session 2:
     Kevin R. Wegryn, PMP, CPM, MA
Managing Without Walls
Tom Kennedy
PM Workshop
Great Presentation or Death by PowerPoint?