January 18, 2011 Pines Manor, Edison, NJ

Good Multi Project Management Pays Off:  
A Report from an Ongoing International Research Study

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Program Number: C020-18012011
Program Title: "Good Multi Project Management Pays Off:  
A Report from an Ongoing International Research Study" 
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Thomas G. Lechler, PhD, Associate Professor 
Stevens Institute of Technology

According to an international benchmarking study examining the success of project portfolios, companies with good Multi–Project Management (MPM) are economically more successful.  The study was initiated and conducted since 2007 by Professor Gemünden from the Technical University (TU) in Berlin, Germany with the participation of international collaboration partners in different countries.  The scope of the current, fourth stage of this study is the integration of strategy, project portfolio processes and project portfolio controls.  These are crucial factors in project portfolio management from strategic, tactical, and operational perspectives.

More than 200 large and medium–sized companies from Germany, Switzerland and Austria with portfolios of at least 20 simultaneous projects is part of this current 4th MPM study.  The sample of participating companies covers the whole range of industries.  The project portfolios of these firms are mainly focused on R&D (29%) and IT (24%).  The results of this study demonstrate that the selection and prioritization of projects, as well as the exploitation of synergies within the project portfolio, and the timely termination of projects that are no longer purposeful are critical for the long-term economic impact of project portfolios. 

Dr. Thomas G. Lechler started his research career in project management in 1991 studying the success factors of project management.  Since 2000, he is teaching advanced project management courses at the Stevens Institute of Technology.  His research focuses on project value creation and recognition and exploitation of business opportunities.  He has received numerous research grants from National Science Foundation and other funding organizations (such as two PMI research grants to explore the management of project value opportunities and uncertainty during project implementation).

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