January 17, 2012 Pines Manor

The Art Of Cultural Change: Making Change Stick

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Program Number: C020-17012012
Program Title: "The Art Of Cultural Change: Making Change Stick
PDUs: 1.5
Category: A
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)

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John Palinkas 
People are naturally resistant to change.  We prefer the pain of what we know to the fear of what we don’t.  However, overcoming this resistance and driving behavioral change is the key to a successful management adoption.  It is what must occur to transform your organization in a way that actually solves your most important business problems.  Effectively leading organizational change is what will be the difference between your new IT system’s adoption having a lasting impact or merely being a “flash in the pan.”

In this session, you will learn key insights about the nature of resistance, the resulting barriers to change, and techniques that will help you overcome them to have a lasting impact.  We will answer questions such as:
  • Why your tool and process improvement efforts fail to deliver the full value you expect
  • How you can break through change barriers such as inertia and apathy
  • How to structure a team that can overcome these barriers and build momentum
  • Why you must create a focused governance structure to protect your effort
  • How to create deep engagement throughout your entire organization.
Mr. Palinkas has spent over three decades in the IT services industry working for industry leaders AT&T, AT&T Solutions and British Telecom.  He has led numerous multi-million dollar, multi-year outsourcing and service delivery engagements with dozens of Fortune 500 firms during his career.  He has extensive experience and expertise in IT transformation efforts, outsourcing analysis, merger and acquisitions integrations, and service implementations. Prior to his customer-facing work, John spent many years running internal infrastructure operations and serving in senior management roles within AT&T and BT.

John is the Vice President of Transformation Programs with The IT Transformation Institute (ITTI), whose mission is to provide education, resources and coaching to enable IT organizations to lead and execute successful transformation programs.  In his role, John works with customers to create the right mix of seminars, workshops and coaching to support their unique needs.  He is also responsible for the development of new resources to support transformation programs as well as oversight of ITTI’s Certification Program for Transformation Professionals.

Networking Program:

TopicManaging the First Impression

Whether you are meeting a new boss, changing jobs or looking for your next promotion, managing the impression you make and how you come across to others often determines your success or failure.  Seemingly small things often make a big difference in interactions with others.  We all have our own unique style of communicating with others.

Join Linda Trignano of Trignano Consulting and learn some of the subtle yet important ways we all communicate and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage in making the best impression you possibly can


TopicMeet & Greet Networking Event

The NJ PMO LCI Core Team will have a "Meet & Greet" Networking Event prior to the monthly meeting.  The meeting will be held outside the main meeting room.  This will be a great opportunity to meet other PMO Professionals in the area, who share similar interests in Project, Program and Portfolio Management.