February 21, 2012 Parsippany Hilton

Who Stole my Float?

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Program Number: C020-21022012
Program Title: "Who Stole my Float?
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Frank Walker, PMP 
Project Management (PM) tools have improved dramatically in recent years and are much more powerful than most people realize. Everyone can now do what only NASA, Fluor-Daniel, GE, Boeing, et al. could do on the mainframe thirty years ago. PMI, the new PM tools and litigation have changed the design and contracting process dramatically. Owners and consultants can now use such methods as fast track project management and multiple prime contractors to maintain project control, and align contractor and owner goals to complete projects much faster than ever before. It’s not all good. Resources are often grossly overloaded and schedule impact claims based on “Who Stole the Float” are moving from the Construction Industry to IT and other industries.

Now PMs are managing portfolios of projects rather than large single projects. The most successful companies are sorting their projects into multiple Tiers and using Total Float to borrow resources from Tier 3 projects to keep Tier 1 projects on schedule. Resource leveling at the Portfolio level, “managing by exception” just the activities that are close to critical and behind schedule, and new risk management techniques have raised the bar once again.

Sadly, the quality of planning and scheduling often seems to be regressing. What can be done? Frank Walker advocates a return to the foundations of Project Management. Properly used, the tools allow you to optimize multiple constraints and can be used in offense, defense, leadership, communication, and marketing. In his practical, timely presentation Frank demonstrates how to use the tools more effectively and provides checklists to help you do the same on your projects.

Frank Walker is president of TWG Project Management, LLC and was co-founder of Gates, Taylor, Walker, Corp. (GTW), where he was president from 1988 to 1997. In 1993, at Microsoft’s request his company put their mainframe PM Software into Windows as a companion product to Microsoft Project. TWG supports clients through all the states of the program or project life cycle.

Frank received his Bachelor’s degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from the University of Sydney, Australia, and has Professional Engineer certificates in BC, Canada and Turkey. His Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is #289. Frank has worked for forty years on many unique and challenging projects worldwide for a variety of industries and public agencies. He is adept in all the aspects of Project Management. Specialties include: team planning, fast-track project management, management by exception using earned value, litigation avoidance and mediation. He also helps implement PM Offices (PMOs). He has given classes and seminars on PM, PMP certification and PM software to more than 10,000 people, worldwide. Frank is past president of the PMI Puget Sound (Seattle) and Delaware Valley (Philadelphia) Chapters. He currently lives on the Delaware River between Philadelphia and NY City.

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