13 November 2012 Pines Manor Edison

The Care and Feeding of the Project Professional
The Practice of Behavioral Awareness and Management

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The Care and Feeding of the Project Professional
The Practice of Behavioral Awareness and Management
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Bill Vignes

  Leading and managing strategic projects has never been easy business.  Now we’re told to “transform” project management so we can do more with less, deliver exponentially more value, and of course always keep things on time and under budget while dealing with mergers and downsizing, unrealistic expectations, disengaged project teams, and a pace and workload that seems to increase every time we turn around.  

In fact, there’s one factor that has been proven to be at least twice as important as pure intellect and expertise for achieving high levels of success, and that’s understanding how your thoughts and behavior affect your own performance and that of those around you.  You’ve probably heard about Emotional Intelligence (EI, or EQ, depending upon which expert you’re following), and you may have thought, hey, it sounds cool but who has the time?

According to the experts, and cited by executives at Google, GE, and hundreds of others, how you ‘Show Up’ in the work place from a behavioral perspective is anywhere from 2 to 10 times as important as your job-related expertise.

“Emotional Intelligence is one of the best predictors of success at work and fulfillment in life and it is trainable for everyone.” – Chade-Meng Tan, Google Chief Engineer who created their People Ops “Search Inside Yourself” training, one of the longest waitlisted courses at Google.

The objectives for this presentation:
  • Explore facets of Personal Foundation and Emotional Intelligence, the evidence of their impact and how to develop them
  • Discover how developing in these areas can impact your personal fulfillment, your project teams and your career.
  • Discuss tools to drive immediate return
  • Lay the foundation for further exploration and development
  • Get access to numerous other free resources to assist on your journey
Bill Vignes is a professionally trained Executive, Team and Organizational Coach, and has spent 2 decades aligning and coordinating strategic project teams with corporate client visions while maintaining a strict focus on individual integrity.  With roles ranging from Business Development Director to VP to Professional Coach, he’s prioritized a life of balance, integrity and vision with a limitless wonder, curiosity and some might say warped sense of humor.

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