19 March 2013 Pines Manor Edison

The SAP Business Transformation Management Method, BTM2

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Program Number: C020-19032013
Program Title: "The SAP Business Transformation Management Method, BTM2"
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Tim Hornung
Business Transformation Management (BTM) is the holistic management of extensive, complex changes on which an organization's future success depends. BTM2, which stands for Business Transformation Management Methodology, is a robust new integrative approach, with an emphasis on the balance between the rational and emotional aspects of transformation.

BTM2 shares two foundational principles with Organizational Dynamics, namely: a holistic approach and a balance of process and behavioral perspectives. This is a rare industrial situation that sees its business strategy inextricably tied to these two principles. BTM2 also involves the five disciplines within the UPenn MBA P3 concentration namely, Project Management, Program Management, Project Risk Management, Portfolio Management and Business Process Management.

The BTM2 was developed by the Business Transformation Academy (BTA). The BTA is an innovative think tank that manages an interdisciplinary Thought Leadership Network operating under the auspices of the Business Transformation Services of SAP. For the purpose of creating this holistic methodology the BTA brought together 33 international thought leaders from various management disciplines. The result is a “360-degree” view on what business transformation means and how to manage it successfully.  

On its Business Transformation Academy web site, SAP introduces BTM2 as “a brand new meta-management discipline that incorporates the integration and expansion of existing and previously separated management disciplines and methods.” The BTM2 framework focuses on the management of the overall set of disciplines within transformation management. The main driver for the development of BTM2 is the need to have a common, holistic, and cutting-edge approach to manage large transformation initiatives. It is a response to the limitations of single methods and management approaches that have always been adopted separately from each other.

Tim Hornung leads the CPG (consumer packaged goods) practice within the Industry Business Consulting area, and is the lead for SAP’s Business Transformation Academy (BTA) in North America. The BTA is the academic arm for SAP that does industry research and owns the BTM2 (Business Transformation Management) methodology. In past years Tim and his team have worked on other methodologies around the topics of Enterprise Architecture and SOA, e.g.: Best Practice Benchmark for Enterprise Architecture, Business Model Building Blocks, and Business Model Heat Maps.  Tim has held leadership and senior managerial positions with extensive international experience with multiple expatriate assignments, with a proven track record of building relationships.

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