16 April 2013 Bridgewater Marriott

Project of the Year - Solix's Design and Implementation of the Connect2Compete Program (C2C)

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Program Number: C020-16042013
Program Title: Project of the Year - Solix's Design and Implementation of the Connect2Compete Program (C2C)
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Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)

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Rick DiLollo, Janice Molloy, Eric Seguin, Stuart Waldrum
Solix’s design and implementation of the Connect2Compete Program (C2C) is the winner of this year’s PMINJ Project of the Year. As a leading provider of eligibility determination, program management and customer care services, this project and partnership was an ideal fit for Solix. Connect2Compete, championed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is a national nonprofit organization connecting leaders from communities, the private sector, and leading foundations.

C2C has a primary goal of helping ensure future generations of Americans can compete in the global economy by accessing technology through three offers: free digital literacy training, discounted high-speed Internet, and low-cost computers. C2C was created as a public, private partnership focused on making broadband available to parents of children in the National Free School Lunch Program as one third of all Americans, 100 million people, have not adopted broadband at home. 

The challenge for Solix was to take an unknown program from idea to implementation, using a proven disciplined project management approach to enable this broad based goal.

C2C required Solix to develop multiple systems and processes to allow for a variety of application methods, determine if applicants met the C2C eligibility criteria, and interface with cable and computer partners on their offerings. In parallel, the processes and systems needed to encompass complex program integrity components to manage potential fraud.

Solix successfully delivered a highly visible, comprehensive program for the C2C partners and stakeholders. The initial pilot program launched in April 2012 to select students in San Diego, California schools with a follow-up launch in October 2012 to over 600 schools located in 17 different states. The C2C program involved a computer partner and eight different (voluntarily participating) cable/internet providers.

Join us to learn how the Solix team successfully implemented Connect2Compete’s Program designed to bridge the digital divide by helping low income families discover the transformational power of the Internet and the ability for technology to improve lives.

The Connect2Compete Program was led by Janice Molloy, General Manager Project Management. Also joining are Rick DiLollo,  Director - Project Management; Mark Ashnault, Senior Director - Application Architecture; Ray Rojas, Director - Network Support; Landon Swaim, Manager- Operations; Abhishek Sinha, Lead Architect; Amanda Severson, Call Center Supervisor, Stuart Waldrum, Senior Vice President & CIO; Eric Seguin, Vice President of Corporate Development and Government Programs. Client – Sonja Murray, Executive Vice President Connect2Compete.

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