February 4, 2014 Bridgewater Marriott
Managing Organizational Change – Practical Strategies for Leading During Turbulent and Challenging Times

PDP Information:
Program Number: C020-21012014
Program Title: "Managing Organizational Change – Practical Strategies for Leading During Turbulent and Challenging Times
PDUs: 1.5
Category: A
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)

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Frank Saladis
This presentation addresses the impact of change within an organization and focuses on strategies and techniques that will assist managers and leaders in overcoming the resistance typically experienced during significant changes in operations, organizational structure and changes in business strategy. The presentation addresses the potentially destructive aspects of change and offers techniques that will assist in developing a positive attitude about change including effective communication and creating a change ready organization.

Presentation topics
  • Assessment of change management skills
  • The change control process
  • Preparing to become change ready
  • Sources of organizational change
  • Lessons learned about organizational change
  • Indicators of change
  • Charging up an organization to expect and accept change
  • Strategies for communicating and managing change 
Learning objectives:
  • Identify the major challenges associated with organizational change
  • Improve awareness of the impact of change on team members and employees
  • Provide techniques for determining individual and organizational change readiness
  • Provide tools and techniques for developing a change management strategy
  • Minimize the negative or destructive effects of change
  • Develop solutions to resolve conflicts and influence team members to accept and support change.
How You Will Benefit
  • Turn existing difficult situations into opportunities for organizational advancement
  • Create an organization that will expect and be prepared for change
  • Develop a positive attitude toward change
Frank P. Saladis, PMP was the Originator/Founder of the International Project Management Day and PMI's 2006 Person of the Year. Frank is a PMP, a graduate from the PMI Leadership Institute class, and has been very involved with PMI as the president of the New York City PMI chapter for ten years as well as holding many other leadership positions. An accomplished leader in project management, Frank is the author of 7 published books and over 100 articles, as well as the past editor of the All PM Newsletter. Frank has entertained countless audiences with project management songs as his way of sharing his humor and passion for project management. He is the President of Blue Marble Enterprizes and a senior project management instructor with the International Institute of Learning (IIL).

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