April 8, 2014 Bridgewater Marriott
Project of the Year - Atlantic Health Systems / Chlinton Integration Project

PDP Information:
Program Number: C020-08042014
Program Title:  "Project of teh Year - Atlantic Health Systems / Chilton Integration Project
PDUs: 1.5
Category: A
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)

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Celebrate the winner of PMINJ’s Project of the Year Award: Atlantic Health Systems / Chilton Integration Project

The project’s objective was to support the merger of Chilton Hospital into Atlantic Health System and was led with extraordinary professionalism and great success by project managers Danielle Meglaughlin and Jennifer Scatcherd.

The project involved implementing technical solutions to support the business requirements in the following areas:
  • Human Resources
  • Finance Accounting / Financial Services / Payroll / Business Advisory Services
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Laboratory
  • Medical Staff Office
Implementing technical infrastructure that will establish secure network connectivity between Chilton Hospital and Atlantic Health System:
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Email integration
  • Domain Integration
  • Information Security
  • Desktop Management
  • Service Desk Support
  • Telecommunications
The success of this project has positioned Chilton as part of Atlantic Health System to build upon a history of successful collaboration. This includes clinical affiliations in obstetrics, cardiology and other specialties. It also ensures that both institutions remain at the forefront of medicine and technology.

The decision to merge demonstrates ongoing efforts by AHS to expand its nationally recognized programs and services into more communities throughout the region. It also assures that Chilton will continue to serve as a licensed, acute care facility, expand its program offerings and provide Chilton patients easier access to world class care in the comforting arms of their community hospital.

Key members of the Chilton Hospital IT Integration Project team include: Mark Lederman, Vice President & Chief Information Officer; Eileen Tarnacki, Manager, Project Management Office; Danielle Meglaughlin, Project Manager; Jennifer Scatcherd, Project Manager.

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In this presentation, we will explore what drives people, intrinsically. An introduction to Dan Pink’s research on motivation will be presented and see how this correlates to some Scrum Teams.

We will also look at an example of where Agile practices, combined with intrinsic behavior led to a revolutionizing product.

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