June 17, 2014 Pines Manor Edison
Risk Management in King Arthur's Time 

PDP Information:
Program Number: C020-17062014
Program Title:  Risk Management in King Arthur’s Time 
PDUs: 1.5
Category: A
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)

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Four years ago, poking about in the ruins of an ancient British Abbey, Bruce found a book written in Old English that he has translated and is in the process of converting to a project management novel. The book tells the story of a project manager building watch-towers in King Arthur’s Britain who discovers project management techniques in the process. Bruce will describe sections of this book and examine the way project risks can be dealt with today, using effective techniques developed over 1,500 years ago. First he will provide some background in the project and characters. Then he will show the tools of Risk Management Planning, Risk Identification. Risk Response Planning and how risks can be dealt with by Avoiding, Mitigating, Transferring or Accepting them. Finally, Bruce will go through a fascinating Root Cause Analysis done by the old project manager leading to the original use of the ‘6 Why’s’ technique.

Bruce Fieggen, PMP, currently VP of Project Management at QPharma, has been managing projects in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries for over 25 years. From hundred thousand dollar validations to hundred million dollar new product developments, Bruce successfully uses a methodology that stresses personal commitment of team members to own and complete tasks. Bruce teaches this methodology to hundreds of people a year and also plans over thirty projects a year for his clients. Bruce has set up multiple Project Management Offices and created numerous Project Management guides. Bruce is currently writing a Project Management novel set in King Arthur’s time to teach PM techniques in an entertaining way.

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Practice your networking skills in a friendly audience! Meet your fellow PMs, name your target firms and industries, develop contacts, and let your network know how to help you. Offer your help as well - share contact info and follow up after the meeting.

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The PMINJ PMO LCI will host its quarterly Panel Discussion facilitated by the core PMO LCI team. We will discuss some of the challenges and pitfalls in running a program / program office. It will be an interactive session where participants will have an opportunity to discuss some of the issues and challenges that they face in running a PMO in their workplace. The panel experts will provide insights into some of their experiences how they successfully navigated those challenges. It will be a great opportunity to learn about the best practices and hear from one of the best PMO practitioners in the industry in the area. We look forward to your active participation.