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PMINJ Oct Workshop 

3.0 Hour Workshop
at SHI International Corp. - Somerset, NJ

Wednesday - 18 Oct 2017

Earn 3.0 PDUs

2 Sessions - Morning and Afternoon

Trainer Bio


You will learn the principles of body language and develop the skills to interpret your client’s nonverbal cues. This will enable you to gain deep insights into their true intentions, attitudes and feelings so that you can help them.

In high stakes conversations clients are usually guarded; they don't verbalize how they really feel and they mask their body language. When you are able to identify what is really going on for them you will be able to address their concerns on the spot and build rapport.

The good news is that we can improve our ability to assess people's true emotions and attitudes by learning to read their unconscious nonverbal signals.

The session will provide the skills needed to effectively read your client's body language and to master your own non-verbal actions to communicate purposefully.

Course Learning Objectives:

You will learn to listen with your eyes and talk with your body

  • Determine what is really bothering your colleague, clients and candidates
  • Listen deeply so that people feel they are the only people in the room
  • Communicate more effectively and with confidence
  • Build Trust and Rapport
  • Engage your audience of one or many

See what is really going on behind the words of the people in your professional circle



Anthony Awerbuch is a certified Body Language Trainer and an expert in facial expression identification. He has been featured on the “That’s Life” radio show and in various local publications.

Anthony grew up in South Africa and served in The SA Army College where he had his first encounter with body language in a military police interrogation.
When he mastered the fundamentals of body language he found that he was seeing concerns in clients that they weren't verbalizing. This became his motivation to develop a unique body language training system especially for sales professionals so that they too could see far beyond their client’s words.


Morning Session
Registration: 8:00
Start: 8:30
End: 12:00 (3.0 PDUs)

Afternoon Session
Registration: 1:00
Start 1:30
End: 5:00 (3.0 PDUs)

Program Number: C020-20171018
PDUs: - 3.0
Leadership - 3.0
Strategic - 0.0
Technical - 0.0


SHI International Corporation
300 Davidson Avenue
Somerset, NJ 08873



PMINJ Status thru 15 Oct
Member $100 $149
Non-member $125 $149
Other organizations
Request Discount code**
$110 $149

On-line Registration ONLY

** for Organization discounts, contact Charles Rosen @ 908 672-2806

Registration related questions should be addressed to the Member Service Center - .

Cancellation Policy

No refund if canceled after 11 Oct

To cancel a registration send the PMINJ receipt to

If the event is rescheduled, PMINJ will contact each registrant with the new date, time, and location. The registrant will have the opportunity to cancel with a full refund if necessary due to the reschedule.

If the workshop is cancelled, each registrant will be notified and will be given a full refund.


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