PMINJ 2018 May Meeting

15 May 2018 - Bridgewater - Marriott


PDP Information

Program Number: C020-20180515
Will Artificial Intelligence Take YOUR job? - What YOU Can Do To Keep Pace
Category: A
Activity Sponsor: PMINJ Chapter (C020)
PDUs: - 1.5
Leadership - 0.0
Strategic - 1.5
Technical - 0.0


You may have heard a few things about Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past year or two, programs that have beat human beings in games like Jeopardy, Poker and GO; AI being used in voice assistants such as the Amazon Echo, Apple Siri and Google Home; AI enabling self-driving vehicles. Believe it or not, that is just the TIP of the iceberg. AI is currently being applied to a WIDE range of tasks and spaces, including finance, project management, medicine, education, sales and more. But the most important question of all - can Artificial Intelligence replace YOU? What do you need to know - and more importantly - how do you Keep Pace with this important, disruptive and rapidly evolving technology? The answers may surprise you. In this brand new presentation for 2018, George will:

  • Highlight the depth and breadth of AI current state
  • Introduce the Keep Pace AI Disruption Gauge
  • Apply his 10 Steps to Keep Pace with Artificial Intelligence
  • Identify activities that are indicators of AI replacement
  • Introduce the Keep Pace Technically Savvy Formula, and
  • Identify resources you can use TODAY to learn more about AI
The presentation will also include George's AI mascot, Aiden, who will provide commentary throughout the presentation. All told, this will be an engaging, entertaining and action packed presentation you won't want to miss


Monthly Speaker

George Pace is an IT technology leader, focusing on how to extract business value from the latest technologies. He is currently working to "Keep Pace" with Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) Digital Assistants as well as a dash of Social Media for good measure.

 George holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Seton Hall University and an MBA from the Rutgers Business School.

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As Project and Program Managers you're probably finding Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters on your teams. If you ever wondered how these roles can improve team performance you may not want to miss the Agile LCI meeting in May. During this meeting Bob Phillips (MBA, PMP, ICE-AC, PMI-ACP, and CSP) will help you gain a deeper understanding of what these roles can do for your team.

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Frank and Mark Boffa, of Boffa & Company CPAs, will explore the benefits and challenges of forming your own business entity:
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  • Strategies employed by successful consultants
  • Changes in the law that impact tax planning
  • Changing business requirements and the impact on human resources
  • Accounting solutions for consultants and small businesses
Frank Boffa has been providing individuals and businesses with reliable tax, accounting and consulting services that provide peace of mind and business stability for four decades. Son Mark studied ethics at Drew University and earned an MBA at Rutgers. Mark is managing the family business as accounting becomes more automated and projectized.

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