Region II
August 23, 1997, Newark, NJ

Meeting Minutes


Support Certification Committee's proposal to Board
  • Assumptions: Certification 
    • Knowledge Based (based on Standards, R&D and Education) 
    • Meet standards of NCCA 
    • Qualify first; then take exam 
    • Qualify 
      • Education/Experience 
      • Professional Activity (Not service)

      • (proves active involvement in profession) 
  • Education requirements: 
    • High School + 9 years experience* 
    • Associate Degree + 7 years experience* 
    • Bachelor Degree + 5 years experience* 
    • Masters + 3 years experience*

    • (*relevant Project Management experience defined with qualifications, i.e., amount of time spent on PM) 
  • Documentation for certification: 
    • College transcripts 
    • Resume (with references)* 
  • Audit process in place (strict)
  • Must be relevant, fair and equitable (seen that way by stakeholders) exam and qualification

  • *If denied, need appears process

  • Assumptions: Recertification 
    • Maintenance and Professional growth (i.e. do not retake test - original certification process). If denied, need appeals process. 
    • Meet standards of NCCA 
    • Recertification every 5-7 years 
    • Hours CCU - average 25 hours/year CCUs "Approved" by PMI 
    • Audit process in place (strict) 
    • Professional Activity (see certification) 
    • Include a "Code of Ethics" 
    • Submit itemized list of CCUs/Qualification items (subject to audit) 
  • Process/Service Certification: 
    • Communications imperative! 
    • Must reduce "turnaround" time 
      • Acknowledgment rapid 
      • 30 day turnaround on application 
    • Adequate communications to requests from members 
    • Well defined process needed for people in the "pipeline" (transition) 
    • Transition Plan (old to new) clearly defined and communicated 


  • Don't eliminate Constitution (modify only) 
  • We need a long term impact analysis on the Institute and its membership: Need to add to membership rights and benefits, not curtail any 
  • Don't reduce membership representation (1 member = 1 vote) 
  • Don't eliminate "nomination by petition" (may increase number of signatures required) 
  • Allow for "recall" 
  • Don't include "operational" policies in Constitution 
  • Ensure focus of any structural/governance changes must have positive impact on membership 
  • Don't do anything without a well-defined plan communicated to membership 
  • Quality Not Quantity - when setting organization objectives (i.e., not number of members - membership satisfaction) 
  • PMI National membership surveys - communicate results to membership annually 
  • PMI National benchmark with other professional organizations 
  • Focus vision on quality/service to membership 
  • Each Board Officer must have defined role and accountability 
  • Separate "strategic" and "tactical" with strong link between two 
  • Possibly create a "Strategic Planning" group (i.e. Board Member, Chapter rep, non-PMI rep) 
  • Board members should not try to do it all by themselves - recruit volunteers 
  • Affiliated Organizational Unit (AOU) needs to be more clearly defined and communicated to the membership 
  • Need to separate VP Technical Activities and President of Education Foundation


  • Maintain membership's ability to provide input to governance 
  • Regional VP issues: 
    • Equitable representation 
    • Number of regions/VPs?

    • (solutions - constitutional change vs. No constitutional change) 
  • Before any constitutional changes - put before membership - communicate pros/cons 
  • Purpose of Constitutional Convention? 
    • Representation from all Chapters or have region meetings and let them select rep 
  • Before any Constitutional Convention communicate proposal(s) at least to Chapter Presidents (at least one month prior to Convention) if December 4-11, by mid-October 
  • Why Constitutional Convention in December? Not good timing! Why rush? (travel, weather, holidays)
Problem Statement:

Chapters/members not receiving adequate "service" from EO. EO needs to have accountability to Board.

Top problems:

  • Certification process (as currently administered) 
  • Understanding who customers are and listen (2-way communications) 
  • Leadership 
  • Administrative problems at EO: 
  • Turnaround time 
  • Disorganization 
  • Communications 
  • Correct information in membership database 
  • Member Services 
  • PMP Date (date of certification not exam pass date) 
  • Issues identified to Regional VPs should be discussed with Board and responded to in timely manner.
Possible Solutions:
  • Elected Board position - VP Membership Services - liaison between Chapters and EO. 
  • Increase number of Regional VPs/Regions 
  • Define problem (i.e. Structure and Constitution) then develop plan for solving! 
  • Determine how much of "problem" can be resolved via redistribution/split of work (i.e. reorganize VP - Tech) 
  • Are "right" people in positions to get job done? 
  • Spend more time understanding organizational problems (with right stakeholders)

Next Steps

  • Put Certification and Infrastructure on CCP Agenda for September (Frank Saladis to follow up) 
  • Request to have these items on the Board Agenda for September (CCP) 
  • More organized CCPs - make sure there is accountability/ownership for all action items 
  • Better communications between Chapters

Next Meeting

The next NE Regional caucus will be held in Atlanta on November 8, 1997.

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