September 16, 1997, Woodbridge, NJ
Certification Rules & Experience

Mary Devon O'Brien, President NJ/PMI, introduced the members and guests to another great year.

Initial Certification Experience 

Pat Miller, PMP, Bellcore, has recently been certified. She provided the insight to the gruelling process which she managed as a project.  TIP:  Follow directions carefully.

Re-Certification Experience

Nelson Woomer, PMP, has been through this before. He has learned from his past experience that requirements will change. Nelson's key points: 
  • Know the requirements 
  • Keep copies of all records 
  • Have a record system 
  • Audit your records each year 
  • Add a professional development section to your job summary 
  • Make a binder and copy of all materials 
  • Send certified, return receipt requested 

PMI's Certification

404 812-2245
404 812-2466 (fax)

Walter Taylor, PMP, is the new chairman for PMI's Certification. He provided insights to his new proposal for certification to start January, 1998, if approved by the board. 

His objective is to lay the foundation for a successful PMP program and for additional project management certifications. His guiding principles: 

  • Certification dependent on other PMI technical activities 
  • Perform impact assessment on certification changes 
  • Certification assures a base of knowledge in PM 
  • Criteria will be viewed as relevant, fair, equitable, and without undue influence. 
  • Certification recognizes tat laws take priority 
  • PMP should be a core certification to provide the basis for certification growth 
  • A certification process involving education, experience, and passing exam. 
  • Adherence to a code of ethics 
  • A process for certification maintenance 
  • Certification program accreditation 

Initial-certification Comparison
- PMI BOD via certification committee - Autonomous certification board
- Pre-qualification - Pre-qualification
- Exam - Exam (1 not 8 parts)
- Additional criteria -
- Comprehensive support - Brief support subject to audit
- PMP designation - PMP designation

Re-certification Comparison
- PMI BOD via certification committee - Autonomous certification board
- 6 year, 3 area recertification - Certification maintenance
- Comprehensive support - Brief support subject to audit

Professional development areas:

  • Continuing education through approved providers 
  • Professional development through experience outside primary employer 
  • Post certification education 
  • Obtain 7.5 Professional Development Units (PDU) every three (3) years
Paul Grace, also new to PMI, provided some additional input regarding accreditation.

Panel Discussion

The panel answered questions on all the topics.

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