October 19, 1999, Woodbridge Hilton
Teamware: Project Management via the Web

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Program Number: C020-19101999
Program Title: "Teamware: Project Management via the Web"
PDUs: 1.5
Category Type: 3
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Knowledge: 02, 06
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Activity Sponsor: NJ/PMI Chapter
Carl Glenn - Director of Web Consulting - Constantin Walsh Lowe 

Carl Glenn, Director of Web Consulting at Constantin Walsh Lowe, an Information Technology consulting firm, explained how teamware applications realize some of the basic objectives for which the Internet was conceived and built. Teamware applications, a new category of collaborative software, uses all the advantages of Internetworking technology and the World-Wide Web to assist Project Managers in team management and document sharing. 

Carl was featured recently in an article on teamware in Beyond Computing magazine. He is currently administering project-management web sites for major clients. Before becoming the senior Walsh Lowe Web Administrator, he worked as a Project Manager in Paine Webber's Communications Project Office in Lincoln Harbor, NJ. He has managed a broad variety of telecommunications, translation, and public relations projects. Among these, he led an independent investigation under the direction of a former U.S. Attorney General. Information that he gathered was used in the Academy Award winning documentary "The Panama Deception". Carl is a member of the American Translators Association. Carl's original document was reviewed in the following articlet: http://www.beyondcomputingmag.com/index.asp?archive/1999/02-99/soft.html

Carl's view graphs can be downloaded.

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