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July 2017

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Welcome Address


Darlaine Scott McCoy
Vice President – Symposium

As IPM Day approaches, I invite you to help us mark the Chapter’s 12th celebration of International Project Management (IPM) Day. This IPM Day will be doubly special because J. Davidson Frame, a representative from PMI National, will be present to offer a proclamation in recognition of PMINJ’s 35 years of service to the project management profession.

Our energetic speakers will provide key insights into how you can further your career by becoming an effective change leader. As always, PMINJ is dedicated to improving your core competencies based on the PMI Talent Triangle’s ideal skill set for project managers: Strategy & Business Management, Leadership, and Technical Project Management.

In addition to J. Davidson Frame, our speakers include Andy Crowe, Mark Brown, Mike Weber and Joanne Eckton. Mark your calendars for Nov. 2 and come learn what you need to know to take your career to the next level. Register Today!


Chapter Announcements

PMINJ Elects Officers for the 2017 – 2019 Term

Thanks to our members for selecting the following PMINJ Officers for the next two years.

    Judy Balaban - President
    Deven Trivedi - VP – Business Relations
    Lisa Blake - VP – Marketing
    Mark Barash - VP – Membership
    Dennis McCarthy - VP – Outreach
    Charles Rosen - VP – Programs
    Lystra Haynes - VP – Recognition

Judy   Deven   Lisa   Mark   Dennis   Charles   Lystra



Reprinted with Permission of José Roberto Cavalcante Alves, MBA,PMP

PM Articles

What Does WITS and The Responsibility Process Have In Common?

itmpiWITS and The Responsibility Process will teach lifelong lessons and best practices to help you succeed in life.

I've been writing about What It Takes to Succeed and interviewing leaders and experts in their field for many years. Now I am bringing it to the masses, as Tim Ferriss would say, with “WITS – What It Takes to Succeed,” a new show on YouTube .

My first guest is Dr. Christopher Avery, author of The Responsibility Process book. Dr. Avery’s The Responsibility Process is PHENOMENAL and we expect no less from a repeat author who received such strong accolades from his first book, Teamwork Is an Individual Skill: Getting York Work Done When Sharing Responsibility.

Fortune magazine said Dr. Avery’s first book is the only book on teamwork you need to read. Dr. Avery hosts The Leadership Gift Program, a popular eLearning system for leaders and coaches worldwide who want to master responsibility.

Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, author of Anything You Want said, “This is an important book. The discovery and development of The Responsibility Process is a contribution to the psychology of success and happiness.”

Mike Cohn, author of Succeeding with Agile said, “This book changed how I talk about responsibility in my training courses and with my teen daughters. An ownership mindset is critical to business agility. Avery brilliantly dissects how ownership (or the lack of it) works in the mind and what to do about it to lead yourself and others to freedom, happiness and results that matter.”

The Responsibility Process
Owning your ability and power to create, choose, and attract.
Giving up to avoid the pain of Shame and Obligation.
Doing what you have to instead of what you want to.
Laying blame onto oneself (often felt as guilt)
Using excuses for things being the way they are.
Lay Blame:
Holding others at fault for causing something.
Ignoring the existence of something.
Please visit and subscribe to WITS and watch my full interview with Dr. Christopher Avery as we do a deep dive into The Responsibility Process. Subscribe, Like, Share, Comment so I can continue to bring you leaders and experts who will provide the insights to help you succeed.

  • For previous article in this series see May issue.
  • If you have a suggestion for a future topic or want to share your own success stories, then contact Igor at .
  • To learn more about Igor check out his LinkedIn Profile.


Becoming a Great Professional
By Tony Salvaggio

As a culture, we Americans have become addicted to instant gratification and a quick fix. We also display a great lack of concentration and focus on anything that is not completed immediately. The truth, however, is that few things of great value or impact are accomplished quickly.

Personal and business success requires focused efforts over a long period of time. Renowned self-help author and speaker Brian Tracy states that there is only one thing that consistently correlates with success:  having a long-time horizon when planning one’s goals or objectives. In life, time is often our enemy. However, time can also be our best friend. Planning with a long-time horizon can make the nearly impossible, possible.

Think of the accomplished doctor who as a teenager studied night after night to learn and make good grades, went on to college, and once again studied day after day, only to go on to med school, residency, and even more school and residency to become a specialist. It is only after years of hard and relentless effort that the goal of becoming a surgeon or specialist is accomplished. The total hours of effort are daunting when looked at as a whole. Just think: 15 years times 250+ days per year at 10 hours per day.  That is over 37,000 hours. WOW! Impossible, right? Obviously not! We all know dozens of doctors and professionals who have accomplished this feat. How do they do it? Why were they not overwhelmed with the thought of such a massive effort? The answer is simple. They envisioned a compelling goal and began to work at it one hour at a time, day by day, knowing that the enormity of the challenge would crumble under the weight of time.

What does all this mean to us? Simply said, we all want to realize our potential. We want to live productive and exciting lives filled with accomplishment and its many rewards. And we want to have a level of economic security and protection from our economic adversaries, such as competitors and recessions. As in all of life, we cannot control all the variables, but we can almost totally control the variables of time horizon, intensity, and personal dedication.

Continue Reading Tony’s article on LinkedIn. (NOTE: You may need to log in to LinkedIn to read. If you are not already a member, please join our PMINJ LinkedIn group.)

Tony Salvaggio is the President and CEO of Computer Aid (CAI), an international IT services and solutions firm based in Allentown, PA. He is the Founder of The IT Metrics & Productivity Institute (aka The Great IT Professional) an organization devoted to continuous online learning for IT professionals, and also CAI Learning Academy, an entirely philanthropic based elementary school for at risk inner city children.

New Certificate Holders

new Certificate Holders
The following have received their certifications since the last newsletter (through 30 June 2017):

Beth Acquaire
Maryann Akselrad
Abigail Ayutsede
Christian Aziz
Lawrence Bell
Abhishek Bhawsar
Sidharth Bhutani
Latonya Blue
Damion Campbell
Kelliet Campbell
Jocelyn Carscallen
Susan Chrusciel
Celisse Collier
Richard Crespo
Michael Damico
Andrew Davis
Joanne Duke
Karen Gartland
Mariana Giraudo
Sarvesh Gowda
Annar. Gumabon
Tyise Highsmith
Peter Hirujo
Wayne Hunter
Pradnya Joglekar
Kunal Karkhanis
Maureen Keegan-Renner
Amit Khadgi
Justine Kosmoski
Jose Lecour
Eric Madden
Robert Maguire
Tina Masella
James Mckenna
Rebekah Morris
Vinod Nallasivam
Renuka Nambiar
Jordan O'Donnell
Sadhna Ojha
Gayan Ondaatjie
Linda Orlando
Lakshmi Pappu
Maria Pearson
Terry Perdue,P.E.
Gregory Primeau
Kushalteja Pulijala
Ajay Puraswani
Mark Rosenblatt
Elizabeth Samaris
Michelle Sangillo
Monica Sansi
James Segerson
Nicole Serhat
Shawn Wilson
Adriana Wooten
Swarna Yagappan

Luke Butler
Frederick Longnecker
Tanesha Mcfarlane
Adriana Wilson


Prabodh Kumar
Imran Zaidi

Fernandom. Barrancos
Ryan Connolly
Rolf Deis,Jr.
Susan Goldblatt
M Kaur
Lee Lensky
Susan Marricone
Yarimel Rodgers
Ritika Seth
Salah Sheber
Kaliprasad Varanasi
Diane Zondiros



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