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November 2017

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Welcome Address

John Tse
Vice President – Professional Development

October 2017 marked the 35th anniversary for PMINJ. I have been a member of this chapter since 1997, a PMP Exam Prep instructor since 2002, and a board member since 2012.  During this time, I have been privileged to observe, work alongside, and lead many volunteers who dedicate themselves to providing opportunities for their fellow project managers to enhance their abilities and advance their careers.   Also, we are promoting our profession by reaching out and serving various constituent groups. So, while it may surprise some, it does not surprise me that we have been the second largest PMI chapter in the world for the last several years. 

And yet there is more that we want to do.

This month, the board members will be spending time together to work on our chapter’s strategic plan.  At this meeting, each team will be presenting their ideas of how we can improve and deliver more benefits to our chapter. Here is a sneak peek into some of the things that my team, Professional Development, will be working on:
  • Update our PMP-CAPM Exam Prep course to PMBOK, 6th Edition
  • Restart our PMP study groups
  • Offer PMP exam mentorship
  • Identify and bring additional training opportunities to our chapter
  • Increase awareness and participation in our free Mentors program
If there is any specific training or mentoring need that you would like our chapter to offer, please let me know at . Similarly, feel free to contact other board members with any ideas that you would like to have offered in their area. Better yet, if you are able, I heartily encourage you to explore our list of volunteer opportunities and join us in our endeavors.

Event Reports

Davidson Frame

J. Davidson Frame
PMI Director
Anna Gumabon2017 IPM Day Seminar
By Anna Gumabon

BECOME AN EFFECTIVE CHANGE LEADER - was the theme of the 12th IPM Day Seminar held on November 2, 2017 at the Palace in Somerset, NJ. The day-long affair was hosted by PMINJ and was attended by close to 450 participants. The attendees were welcomed by Judy Balaban, PMINJ President and Darlaine Scott McCoy, VP Symposium.

J. Davidson Frame, Academic Dean at UMT, took the stand and congratulated PMINJ on its 35th anniversary. He also spoke on behalf of the PMI Board and introduced the Global PMI Board members. He said that with the significant growth of PMI memberships and PMP certifications worldwide, the Global Board members are looking into the future direction of Project Management in areas such as Strategy Execution, etc. 

The opening keynote was delivered by Andy Crowe on the topic “Motivating Project Teams.” Andy, founder and CEO of Velociteach, talked about how experts and their motivation theories have evolved over time. In the end, three key things will help project teams: One, Autonomy of the teams where they are empowered to make decisions; Two, Right skill sets of the team members; and, Three, A clear vision and impactful goals of the project.

Mark Brown presented the topic “ATE Ways Leaders Get Things Done" and he described the following eight ways: Educate, Delegate, Participate, Relate, Motivate, Appreciate, Communicate and Dedicate. Mark, a champion of public speaking, added some flavor to the presentation by citing movies and TV serials (Rocky III, Intern, etc.) to connect and describe each of the ways where project managers can learn from the situations and find some use for it.

Mike Weber's presentation on “Breaking the Unwritten Rules of Project Management” focused on five rules that affect projects: Possibility, Capability, Importance, Engagement, and Growth. While unwritten rules are not formally written, they still govern behavior and actions and influence mindsets in organizations. Mike is founder of Leadership Institute and consults for Southwestern Consulting. His wit and use of visuals elicited a lively and fun interaction with the audience.

Joanna Eckton, a transformation technology leader, did the closing keynote on “How to Get Your Team Energized for Creativity, Collaboration and Customer Results.” She said in order to win, you need the best team. Culture can’t be changed it can only be influenced.

Throughout the event and in-between presentations, attendees had the chance to reconnect with colleagues and friends, make new connections, meet sponsors to learn about their offerings and get updates about PMINJ Chapter activities / volunteer opportunities. Some lucky attendees also won prizes from sponsor and chapter raffles. 

Event host Mayuri Trehan thanked everyone for coming to formally close the event.


ITMPIBody Language Workshop

Anthony Awerbuch, certified body language trainer taught workshop attendees to listen with their eyes and talk with their body. The goals for the workshop were to help attendees:

  • Determine what is really bothering your colleague, clients and candidates
  • Listen deeply so that people feel they are the only people in the room
  • Communicate more effectively and with confidence
  • Build Trust and Rapport
  • Engage your audience of one or many
Attendees walked away feeling more confident in how they will now be able to assess others and communicate better. Check out our event photos.


PMINJ Career Fair
By Lisa Blake, PMINJ VP Marketing

Thanks to Elaine Tanimura, Mark Barash, John Bufe, Mohammad Hasan and Reza Tehrani, the  October 20th PMINJ Career Fair was a success for all who attended: the nearly 100 PMINJ members, career coaches, and recruiters. The keynote speaker Maria Headlamp from Rutgers University got the day off to a great start with her presentation on "Lessons Learned from the New Start Career Network."  Then Michael Milutis, from CAI (ITMPI), provided a high-energy talk on "The Secrets of Total Engagement and Self-Actualization in the Workplace."

Next was a lively panel discussion moderated by Tony Calabrese, founder of Absolute Transitions, with panelists: Michael Milutis; Charles Rosen, Vice President - Delivery at GalaxE Solutions; Mary Kingsley, Career Stream Coaching; and Marian Janes, Jancom Associates. The panel addressed questions from the audience and provided candid career advice to the sold-out audience.

After a delicious lunch of pizza, salad and sandwiches, everyone headed for the speed networking stations with the Career coaches to brush up on resume writing, updating LinkedIn profiles, networking, and interviewing. The coaches were the perfect lead-in to a busy recruiting session that provided many leads and opportunities.

Kudos to the volunteers, coaches and recruiters for bringing PMINJ members another great Career Fair.  Check out our event photos.

New Certificate Holders

new Certificate Holders
The following have received their certifications since the last newsletter (through 31 October 2017):
Lisa Abramowitz
Kenneth Alves
Frederick Apfel,Ii
Olusegun Atoyebi
Julissa Auffant
Maria Barnett
Luis Batistabriceno
Joanne Berardinelli
William Bothe,P.E.
Veronica Candela
Basiru Carew
Ivy Cheng
Claire Cruickshankanan
Lisa Danchak-Martin
Tony Derosa
Kunal Desai
Christine Esposito
Ivonne Garcia
Divya Grama
Sandeep Grewal
Tamar Gur
Ridwana Isla
Shirish Kale
Karthik Kaveriselvan
Dina Kulesz
Michael Linker
Anna Lukasiak
Hayley Manger
Stella Mason
Rajesh Mehta
Prominder Nayar
Bethuel Philantrope
Tracey Pillion
Kathryn Pinney
Jennifer Quick
Delena Roth
Sumit Saraswat
Jeffrey Schulman
John Stana,Jr.
Megan Surowiec
Manisha Telang
Gopalrao Thukaram
Nicholas Tseng
Jacqueline Varghese
Bharaniharan Vayalurradhakrishnan
Kellym Vigneault
Sara Walker
Kristian Werkley
Terri White
Richard Wilkins
Henry Wong
Wayne Wong

Adolphus Mensah
Charles Miles
Renee Wild



Madhumita Banerjee
Anthony Bennia
Amelie Bisoc
Raul Carandang
Daniel Cohen
Sherry Hampton
Lawrence Hohmann,Iii
Robert Kennison
Srinivas Korumilli
Henry Pfeiffer
Krishna Rangavajjala
Sangeetha Siddhantam
Edwin Smoot

Harris Otubu
Gopalakrishnan Vemuri

Jim Miller


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