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Submit an Article - Earn PDUs:

Submit articles in MS Word, plain ASCII text, or as part of an email.  Graphic files should be high resolution (1MB+) JPEG or GIF.

All members are invited to submit articles, meeting review, or other items of interest for publication.   Contact the newsletter editor, Kristine Clark, at editor(:@:)pminj.org for newsletter related items, to submit articles and to provide feedback!

Content for the spotlight section of the newsletter is reviewed and approved for publication by the PMINJ editorial staff.  Content with the intent of selling or promoting  a product or service will not be considered for publication.

PDUs for writing newsletter article
PDUs may be claimed for writing an article for the chapter's newsletter, provided the below criteria is met. The PDUs would be claimed as Category C "PDUs for Self-Directed Learning".

The author would be eligible for 1 PDU for every hour they spent researching and writing the article for the Chapter Newsletter, provided they achieved a specific learning objective that enhanced their project management skills, and the associated article was relevant to project and / or program management. A maximum of 15 Self-Directed Learning PDUs may be earned per CCR.

For advertising/sponsorship inquiries, contact Mahendra Gunawardena (d-sponsor(:@:)pminj.org) or visit: www.pminj.org/nj_adv.mr


Articles are due to the Editor by the 5th of the month.

The Newsletter will be published around the 25th of the month.

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