Local Community of Interest (LCI)

PMINJ supports it's members with creation and maintenance of Local Communities of Interest.

Currently there are four (4) LCIs that are activie in the Chapter:

Career Networking (CNL)
Teach and facilitate Networking among PMINJ members to support their personal and professional growth, engage career coaches and experts to provide guidance in navigating the job-search process, and promote exposure to career and business opportunities.
Agile LCI
To create a forum for professional development opportunities for individuals and organizations to network, collaborate, share knowledge and experience in the area of Agile practices. These include, but are not limited to Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Kanban, etc. under the agile umbrella.
Business Analysis LCI
To foster awareness and advancement of PMINJ members who work with or perform business analysis tasks in the context of projects and to create an environment where they can learn, network and collaborate with other Business Analysts as well as vendors and other organizations that support the practice.
The NJ PMO Local Community of Interest (LCI) has been providing a forum for knowledge sharing and networking on various aspects of PMOs ( Portfolio / Program / Project).
If you are interested in establishing an LCI, contact Jon Rice at d-lci(:@:)pminj.org

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