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Deadline 01 Sep 2017

All projects, regardless of size and industry, are encouraged to participate.

Selection Process
Nomination Form 
Past Awards

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2016 Winner
Port Authority Agency Operations Center Program
Team Leads: Ted Bobowsky and Stephanie Dawson


The PMINJ Project of the Year Award (POY) recognizes, honors, and publicizes a successful project and the accomplishments of the project team for superior performance and execution of exemplary project management. PMINJ believes excellence, innovation and hard work should be celebrated and recognized.



Any project with some or all team members located in the State of New Jersey, coordinated by a NJ based company, or completed within NJ that has effectively applied project management principles and techniques is eligible to submit, provided:•    PMINJ affiliation is not necessary.
  • Projects of any type, from any industry in public or private sectors.
  • The project was completed at the end of the 2016 year prior to nomination and has been accepted as complete by the customer / owner.
  • The project has an approved scope, schedule and budget.
  • There are no restrictions on the use of the submitted information after the final date of submission.
  • Research or development projects, which may contain proprietary, confidential, technical or commercial information, must be publicly disclosed by the owner.
  • The nominated project must have been successfully completed using processes and approaches consistent with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
  • Met or exceeded customer / owner’s needs as evidenced by a letter from the customer / owner.
  • Met or improved on budget and schedule performance when compared with original established budget and schedule goals.
  • Demonstrated originality and uniqueness of applied project management techniques, including innovative application of practices / methods.
  • Exhibited technical aspects and advancement of the project management profession through effective application of the ten PMBOK Knowledge Areas.
  • Demonstrated complexity of the project and unusual conditions, issues, and barriers requiring special management, team action and performance.

Not Eligible

  • Phases of a project that have been successfully completed are not eligible for this award. The entire project or program being submitted must be complete before an application can be submitted.
  • The PMINJ POY Director and / or designee will contact the nominator to confirm receipt and eligibility of the nomination package.
  • A panel of three “judges”, who are PMINJ members, will evaluate the final project nominations. The final evaluation process will consist of telephone interviews of the top three nominees.
  • The panel will submit their individual scores to the Director for final tabulation.
  • Based on the tabulation, a nominee will be selected as the POY award winner. The runner-up project may or may not be selected as an Honorable Mention.
  • The Director will notify the POY winner(s) at the conclusion of the evaluation process.
  • The nominations, evaluation process and scores are proprietary to PMINJ and will not be disclosed to nominators or nominees.
  • If none of the nominees reflect the level of achievement expected, PMINJ reserves the right not to present an award.
  • Nominations must be sent electronically to
    and must be received no later than September 1, 2017.
  • The Nomination Form along with the customer  / owner letter on company letterhead, should be sent via e-mail to
  • Nominator ensures there are no restrictions on the use of submitted information and permission has been obtained for the use of copyrighted materials included in the package.
  • There should be a designated lead nominator to communicate with PMINJ regarding the nomination.

Some of the items that the evaluators are looking for includes:

  • Complete Nomination Form in its entirety, along with the customer letter confirming project completion and success.
  • Projects or programs don’t operate in a vacuum but are strategic investments delivering maximum return on investment  and sustainable business value. The nominator is assuring that the organization focuses on the “right” projects that support the organizational goals, whether for a profit or non-profit environment. Embracing project management demonstrates to the evaluators that you are embracing a critical driver for business success.
  • Each project is “unique” with its own challenges and constraints. How a project overcomes and navigates these challenges requires a “special project team” – sometimes part art…sometimes part science. Describing your “story” will be very helpful for the evaluators to understand your project and the operating environment.
  • PMINJ believes in rewarding hard work and celebrating project success.  Demonstrating and showing how your project success may advance the project management profession will be a major plus to our evaluators. 



  • One POY award will be presented at the November 14, 2017 chapter meeting. PMINJ will provide complementary registration to the November chapter meeting for up to three representatives of the project team.
  • In addition, one Honorable Mention POY may or may not be selected.  PMINJ will provide complementary registration to the November chapter meeting for one representative of the Honorable Mention project team.
  • The selected POY winner will prepare a presentation of their project for the November chapter meeting. The presentation deck will be in PowerPoint format.
  • The PMINJ Newsletter shall feature the winning project. Press releases shall be made to external media for the presentation of the award. A recipient may also coordinate additional publicity with PMINJ in coordination with the presentation event.
  • 01 Sep 2017 – Deadline for Nomination Forms
  • 01 Oct 2017 – Finalist will be announced
  • 14 Nov 2017 - POY is announced at the PMINJ Monthly Meeting.

Nomination Form

Past Awards

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