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2015 Plan

For over four years, the NJ PMO Local Community of Interest (LCI) has been providing a forum for knowledge sharing and networking on various aspects of PMOs ( Portfolio / Program / Project) for the members of PMINJ.  

Each year we have held In-person (face to face) meetings and Meet and Greet events at the main PMINJ monthly program event site. Our face-face meetings have included panel discussions and presentations by LCI members and external speakers.

Below are the 2015 dates for the NJ PMO LCI meetings:

Face to Face event meeting dates:
  • February 17, 2015
  • June 16, 2015
Meet and Greet event dates
  • January 20, 2015
  • April 20, 2015
The above meetings are open to all who have registered for the PMINJ Monthly meeting at the main site. The above events take place at the main site of PMINJ Monthly meeting and start at 5:30 PM (for about an hour).

If you are interested in joining us, the details for the LCI meeting are included with the Monthly Program page.  Check the program page for schedule and location for the main site.

Suggested topics for 2015:

AT the PMO LCI, we cover topics related to PMO and some of them are listed below, if you have any topic you will like to know about or would like to share your experience, send your suggestion to njpmolig(:@:)pminj.org

The world of PMO consists of Portfolio, Program as well as Project Management Offices.  We
structure our discussion on all of the aspects of PMO and provide our members opportunity to discuss and explore the current hot topics and future trends in PMO.  Knowledge sharing and informal discussions have been very useful for participants to ask questions and understand about PMOs.  At these discussions, you get support and encouragement from fellow members; you hear what worked and what did not work; and how to manage the various complexities and challenges in PMOs.

Project Management PMO related:
  • Agile and related new PM topics : PMO role when organizations use Agile
  • Best Practices: Role of PMO in various phases e.g., planning, controlling and closing phases.
Program Management PMO related:
  • Tools :Evaluation of  tools, templates for a PMO and how to select PPM tools for your PMO
  • Communications: For executive management and across project(s)  in a complex PMO structure
Portfolio Management PMO related:
  • Tools: Evaluation of tools in budgetary and risk management 
  • Methodology and Governance Structure: Establish methodologies appropriate to your organization
  • Communication: Communications to and from programs and projects
We look forward to your participation and welcome your input to make each discussion useful to you and fellow LCI members.  If you have suggestions for a topic or would like to contribute to an event or would like to volunteer your time for NJ PMO LCI activities, send an email to njpmolig(:@:)pminj.org.

The NJPMOLCI Core Team

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